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Hello! "Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability." - Edsger W. Dijkstra

I'm Maciej from Poland and I’m full-stack application developer. I’m interesed in open-source software and it’s community.

My software is compliant with current web standards (PSR, ECMAScript, Semantic Code), backed by Laravel framework and frontend frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, jQuery, Vue.js or React.js. My goal is to make safe, flexible, fast and user-friendly complex applications which we use every day.

In a free time, I providing some help to people with various problems on online communities. I’m extending the knowledge by reading documentation of projects or applications that I’m interesting in or when I needed this knowledge to finish the project. It’s not only for profit. I love what I'm doing and love to connect passion with job.

I'm always available for hire (also interested in long term projects). Feel free to contact me.